Please....so you can be respectful of me and my time....

(Hope you don't mind if I'm blunt and get directly to the point!)


   ** Same day appointments are $20 extra. After hours (between 6pm and 10am) are $20 extra. Booking in advance also insures you will get the date and time you desire! I only entertain guests over the age of 35. No couples.


   ** Read all the information contained in this website before you contact me. Your questions are probably answered here...but If you have a pertinent question NOT answered here I would be happy to hear from you!


   **TXT me only when you are ready to make an appointment and limit your  txt to that end. If I haven't mentioned something here it's probably none of your business or has no bearing on your session.


   **If you cannot make your appointment time I don't need to know why...but please let me know immediately. Others may be waiting for your spot ...or I may have something else fantastic to do!


   ** If you book an appointment and just don't show up you will be put on a DNA (Do NOT Answer) list. This list is permanant and non-negotiable.


   ** I am by no means a prude but pornagraphic ideaology, content or discussion is not welcome.




Now that we have that bit of unpleasant business out of the way hope to hear from you soon!...;-)

TEXT @ 702-497-3619 Include your first name, age and desired time of service. I will respond asap.